The 'Vintage Atlas' Hari Backpack by Grafea

Sunday 12 November 2017

I adore accessorising and I do so even more when there's a gorgeous bag on my arm. Grafea have been a favourite brand of mine ever since I started blogging. I remember I was just sixteen and Grafea was all over social media - I fell head over heels in love and still to this day I'm utterly besotted. Want to know a little more about the brand and how I styled this outfit? You better keep on reading...

Although autumn/winter is in full swing, I can't help but feel spring-like thanks to the way these photographs were shot. On a sunny day, that was rather chilly, I decided to shoot this gorgeous outfit. The perfect outfit for any season, this ensemble really is the most stunning neutral outfit I have ever worn. 

Grafea - the brand I have loved and admired for years, was founded by Hari in 2005. On their 'About Us' page they write: "In 2005 Grafea was born and the mission to create high quality leather bags had commenced, blending British traditional high quality craftsmanship with the best full grain leather materials.

"Wanting to capture the individuality and uniqueness of artists every where, the brand was named Grafea after the Greek translation for writer. 
"The Grafea logo embodies this artistic creativity and was designed to replicate an ancient scroll from history, the canvas for writers to carve their art."
I honestly couldn't love Grafea's ethos anymore. It relates to me and resonates within me. As my passion combines both fashion and writing, I feel that Grafea is the brand for me and the only brand that truly means something to me. 

Grafea as a brand produce the most gorgeous backpacks and leather goods. With a vintage stylistic approach and a sense of modernity with some of their designs, there's something for everybody no matter what their sense of style might be. 

The bag featured within this post is their gorgeous Vintage Atlas design in the Hari style. The Vintage Atlas is a stunning design that teams with anything and everything. Comprising of a neutral colour palette that boasts of the versatility to be worn with most outfits hung in your wardrobe. 

Perfect for the traveller, the dreamer or for those with wanderlust - this backpack works for anybody and everybody. The Vintage Atlas design can be styled up to have an 'English Heritage' preppy vibe or even styled down a little to suit more of a 'Hippy' vibe. The possibilities are endless with this bag, and that's what I love so much about the versatile print. 

Grafea's leather goods are made (in England) to the highest possible quality and this is apparent as soon as you own one. From the utter accuracy of the way in which your backpack has been made to the way each stitch is perfectly formed and situated. This bag is beautiful, as are all of their backpacks (trust me, I own a fair few). I don't think I will ever stop loving Grafea, they hold a special place in both my heart and wardrobe. 

How I styled my Vintage Atlas Hari Backpack....

I styled my Vintage Atlas Hari Backpack to suit my personal style. I adore vintage vibes, old accessories and a chic yet smart approach to my ensembles. With ripped white skinny jeans I teamed a floaty pussy-bow blouse, vintage clip-on earrings, pink bow studded boots and of course the star of the show - the Vintage Atlas. This outfit is one of my favourites for sure, it's both casual and smart, preppy yet pretty, and I honestly can't get enough of it. Perfect for any season, I'm sure this outfit will be worn many times.

Blouse: Nine by Savannah Miller @ Debenhams // Jeans: Molly Ripped White Jeans from River Island // Earrings: Pearl Clip-ons (vintage family heirloom) // Ankle Boots: Pink Bow Ankle boots from Lily Lu Lu Fashion // Backpack: Vintage Atlas Hari Backpack by Grafea

I hope you love how I styled this stunning backpack by Grafea. It's a stunning accessory and one I will eternally cherish, adore and style differently. The Vintage Atlas Hari Backpack by Grafea retails at £220 (at the time of publication this backpack has 35% off, making the price come down to £143) and is available from their official website

Grafea is now sold all over the world. "From Hollywood to Harrods to the Far East and Australia.

They conclude: "We continue to make leather bags from the beautiful leather, influenced by a classic British Vintage style."


  1. What a gorgeous bag Mollie! Love how you've styled it with everything x

    1. Isn't it just? I'm absolutely besotted with it. Thank you so much, Parie! - Mollie xx

  2. I love it!! I saw your photo on instagram and I knew this would be great for me too!! I also love your shoes, so pretty!


  3. The bag is so cute and unique. I really love your blouse too! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. That backpack is so cute - I love how you've styled it! x

  5. love ur style & bags...thanks for sharing i can suggest Best Business Travel Backpack do


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