The perfect candles for fall | Village Candle Indian Summer & First Frost Limited Edition Autumn Fragrances Review

Sunday 1 October 2017

I'm a candle addict. There. I've admitted it and honestly, I have no shame whatsoever. I'm especially a candle addict when autumn arrives - snuggled under a fluffy blanket with a PSL in one hand, a romance novel in the other, my cat on my lap and some seasonal candles burning in the background. Perfect, right!? I've stumbled across two candles that are beyond perfect for fall! Village Candle's new Limited Edition fragrances 'Indian Summer' and 'First Frost' are two of the most perfect autumnal scents I have ever smelt and you're going to fall in love with them too... see what I did there!? Let me talk you through the fragrances and a little bit about Village Candle and their philosophy...

Village Candle is a wonderful brand, and a brand that I feel is incredibly underrated. Their fragrances contain pure essential oils and plant extracts which mean you're getting the most amazing, super concentrated fragrance that fills your home with a gorgeous scent. Village Candle use a Dual Wick to allow for optimal pooling (when the wax touches each side of the candle) and to ensure that your candle doesn't tunnel (tunnelling is when there is a large amount of wax wastage around the edge). When burning a Village Candle you have complete confidence that it won't tunnel and that you won't have any wax wastage. When buying a candle, for me it's paramount that there won't be any waste, so opting for Village Candle is always the best idea for me.

Now let's move onto the gorgeous new Limited Edition fall fragrances...

Indian Summer is a gorgeous autumnal fragrance and so perfect for the current weather we are experiencing. Very festive and incredibly seasonal containing the scents of fall: Festive Pumpkin, Persimmon and Clove - this beautiful fragrance fills your home with a festive scent as soon as it has been lit. This fragrance makes you feel all snuggly and like you want to curl up on the sofa with a big mug of cocoa and watch a good film as the nights begin to get darker and the air crisper.

First Frost is perfect to burn a few weeks after Indian Summer. First Frost is the perfect 'fall into winter' fragrance, whereas Indian Summer is more of a 'summer into fall' fragrance. First Frost has citrus undertones and definitely feels more fresh - just like when you see the first signs of frost as winter begins to approach. With Citron, Lemon Leaves, Sugar Cane and Jasmine; this beautiful fragrance is refreshing yet warming. I'd definitely say that this fragrance is sweeter and fresher when compared to Indian Summer. First Frost is a very fresh fragrance - it's uplifting, sugary and represents all we love and adore about autumn and winter.

The candles featured in this post are the Limited Edition Autumn Medium Jars from and they retail at £16.99 each - which is very affordable if you ask me. I'm actually blown away at the quality of both the candle and the fragrance in which it produces for the price - these candles are so gorgeous and they make my home smell DIVINE!

Each of these fragrances are absolutely stunning - they both smell very opulent, super autumnal and incredibly warm and snuggly. I kinda wish they weren't limited edition as I would happily burn these in my home all year round... well, maybe I'm just too obsessed with autumn...

Have you tried Village Candle before, if you did, what did you think of them? Also - which of the above fragrances would you like to try the most? Let me know in the comments....


  1. The both sound amazing, I love a good old autumnal candle! x

    1. They're so gorgeous! It's hard to choose a favourite from the two. And oh gosh, me too!! - Mollie xx

  2. They must smell so good! Oh now I want to go out and buy more candles lol xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. I love candles! Especially in the fall! - Mollie xx

  3. Your description of these fragrances really paint a picture! Have you tried Everyday Luxe candle collection of Autumn scents?


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