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Wednesday 6 September 2017

I adore adding more depth and dimension to my outfits - whether that be in the form of a watch, bracelet, pair of statement earrings, detailed handbag or vintage silk scarf - accessorising is important. If you don't know where to start when picking out accessories for your outfit, this piece may be something of interest to you...

People get worried when they accessorise because they get hung up over colour and tone, mainly of the metal hardware. "What if rose gold doesn't look right with silver?" "Can I wear gold and silver jewellery together?" – stop! Of course you can! Years ago, clashing, mixing and matching your accessories was unheard of, in many ways it was actually frowned upon, but these days it's seen as a statement... a bold statement of confidence and fashion consciousness. 

I don't just like mixing and matching my jewellery - I absolutely adore mixing up prints of fabric and colours in general. When wearing all black I will add a silk printed scarf. When wearing a floral blouse I'll add another scarf and I generally won't care if it clashes or not. Accessorising is about expression, and I like to express myself and my fashion sense by wearing what I want in the classiest most vintage way possible. 

The gorgeous pieces featured in this post are some of my current favourite accessories! I have lots of accessories but I've been wearing these three pieces an awful lot just recently.. mainly because of their versatility and ability to team with a wide spectrum of ensemble and moods.

The Obaku Sky Azure Watch with an Azure blue Mother of Pearl dial, Swarovski crystals and rose gold bracelet - this beautiful timepiece was designed by Obaku Danish designer, Christian Mikkelsen. The gorgeous Ladies' Obaku Sky Azure Watch is a part of Obaku's AW17 collection and is available from WatchShop.com for just £155. This timepiece is a joy to wear and teams with an array of my favourite ensembles and outfits - from navy blue jackets to poppy red cardigans and pale pink blouses to bright orange dresses, this timepiece proves that mixing and matching can be simple. I also feel that the wonderful added pop of sparkle with the Swarovski crystals allows for even more freedom with mixing and matching your jewellery, metal and hardware. 

Watches are the most amazing way to add a different feel to your outfit - I own many watches, have collected them over a 6+ year period and have no intentions of falling out of love with them. Although I adore owning several watches, I do feel that having just one staple watch is a brilliant investment. For instance, I can wear the above Obaku watch with any outfit - it's a perfect watch to be worn on a daily basis, yet it can still be dressed up at night for a chicer more dressy look. 

The bracelet you see in this post is by Christina, a gorgeous jewellery and watch brand. The bracelet I have is a sterling silver bracelet with a pretty little flower charm - an utterly stunning combination, for which I cannot get enough of, nor can I stop wearing it! The Ladies' Christina Sterling Silver Bracelet available from WatchShop.com for just £55, which isn't bad at all. I adore that this bracelet is sterling silver - it won't rust, discolour nor date! It's a beautiful timeless piece that will carry me through my whole life and team alongside any outfit or watch combination, regardless of the colour or tone of hardware! 

My gorgeous lemon and blue Liberty of London vintage silk scarf is another gorgeous accessory to experiment with. I personally ADORE scarves - my collection seems to have grown drastically in size since my birthday... oops - and I feel that they can be worn, teamed and clashed with any outfit. A scarf really does complete an outfit (as does a watch, bracelet, handbags, jacket, earrings........) and without one I just don't feel complete. A scarf can be worn tied around or draped from your neck, tied to your handbag or worn as a belt, headscarf or shawl/chic coverup - the possibilities are truly endless.

Accessorising is an important factor when putting my outfits together. I feel that they tie your outfit together nicely, add more dimension and depth while ensuring that you look and feel 'put together' properly in the chicest way possible. As you can probably tell from this post, aside from handbags, my three favourite ways to accessorise are by adding a chic versatile timepiece, a vintage silk scarf and a bracelet that will last a lifetime and team with anything and everything in my wardrobe.

What's your favourite way to accessorise? Do you have a favourite accessory that you own? 


  1. I love accessorising, but have become a little complacent. Probably because I don't get out much. I really need to pull out my scarfs, particularly as the weather gets cooler. I think probably my most loved accessory category would be hats. For me they not only look good, but also help me manage my photosensitivity. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Scarves are my favourite way to accessorise! I don't wear hats too often but maybe I should!! - Mollie xx

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