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Sunday, 14 May 2017

After causing a stir in the world of fashion last year, Moschino have now released the second 'cleaning spray' perfume in their series of Moschino Fresh fragrances. Fresh and floral, this fragrance is seductive, refreshing and delightful.

I adored the very first Moschino Fresh Couture - I thought that it was fun, unique and smelt incredible. I'm a massive lover of luxury fragrance, which is why I just can't get enough of Moschino's! From their original Fresh Couture to their Toy fragrance and their Cheap & Chic Light Clouds perfume - I've loved and bought Moschino fragrances for years.

Moschino's original Fresh Couture fragrance came presented in the most unusual and fun bottle, which definitely caused a stir and turned heads within the fashion and beauty worlds. With a blue hued liquid fragrance and blue and red colour palette, the bottle resembled a window cleaning spray and was incredibly popular on social media. Having been reimagined into a more feminine and girly design, Moschino Fresh Pink Couture has a completely different colour code (pink and white) which hints at the trends for Spring/Summer 2017, making this fragrance a must-have for the coming seasons.

Not only does the bottle capture your attention and look great situated on your dressing table, but this fragrance smells exquisite. With a slightly more delicate vibe to it, this fragrance is floral, fruity and woody. With top notes of Pink Grapefruit, Cassis and Lily of the Valley; heart notes of Wild Rose, Pink Jacinth and Pomegranate Grains; and base notes of Cedar Wood, Ambrox and Musk.

As soon as I received this gorgeous fragrance and sprayed a little on my wrist, I instantly knew that this fragrance was me! Slightly sweeter than the original Fresh Couture fragrance by Moschino, Fresh Pink Couture is definitely a touch more feminine, girly and fruitier. 

The fragrance lasts for such a long while without fading, which is a godsend if you work long hours or are at college or university for long periods of time. The fragrance is fresh and doesn't change overtime like some fragrances can. 

The Moschino Fresh Pink Couture fragrance not only comes presented in the most amazing bottle, which is both fun, unique and feminine, but the bottle comes presented in the most beautiful bubblegum pink-hued presentation box which combines pink with white and silver for a slick, classy,  pretty and clean look.

Moschino Fresh Pink Couture retails at £35 for 30ml, £50 for 50ml and £66 for 100ml. There is also a bath and body range which retails at £26 for 200ml Bath and Shower Gel and £29 for 200ml Body Lotion. The range is available from exclusively from Debenhams and will be available nationwide from tomorrow (May 15th 2017).

What do you think of Moschino's fun and fresh take on fragrance? Do you think you'd like to invest in the freshest, pinkest and most amazing Moschino fragrance? Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. I love the sound of this! The blue one was everywhere, but this new one looks even better!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Isn't it just gorgeous? Although I adore the blue one to pieces, this one is definitely my favourite! Thanks so much for reading, Hannah! - Mollie xx

  2. Love love how you've shot this, stunning colours, need to try that scent! x


    1. Aww! Thank you so much, Primrose!!! It's a beautiful fragrance, you need to try it! - Mollie xx

  3. The packaging is so innovative and really eye catching. I like it! x

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love it too! Thanks so much for reading! - Mollie xx


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