Luxury Christmas Food Guide

Thursday 1 December 2016

Following on from my Luxury Christmas Gift Guide, here is my highly anticipated Luxury Christmas Food Guide. This guide is on a much smaller, more refined scale and features some of my top Christmas sweet treats. From novelty chocolates to a Christmas dinner table centrepiece, you're sure to find something you'll want to devour this Christmas.

Hotel Chocolat Large Festive Wreath | £20.00

A gorgeous 50% milk chocolate festive wreath that would make the most gorgeous table centrepiece, this beautiful ode to Christmas by Hotel Chocolat is perfect to place in the centre of your table this Christmas for your entire family to admire and then devour. Loaded with cookies, caramelised almond florentine squares and hazelnuts, this yummy cookie wreath is chunky and would make a great gift for anybody who has a sweet tooth. This beautiful wreath tastes absolutely divine and I couldn't recommend this enough. It serves up to 10 people, so would be great for a smaller family or a larger one. Buy it here.

Hotel Chocolat Yule Bûche | £20.00

Yule Logs are all well and good but the general super market ones can be incredibly dull, plain and a tad dry - but not this gorgeously decadent Yule Bûche by Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat even 3D scanned an actual elm branch to ensure their luxuriously festive Yule Bûche is incredibly lifelike and super festive. Comprising of 50% milk chocolate praline with hazelnuts and crisped rice, this chocolatey Yule Log is super soft yet solid and smooth enough to slice cleanly. This opulently scrumptious Yule Log serves up to 14 people, perfect for your Christmas Dinner dessert! This decadent log tastes absolutely divine and would look perfect on the Christmas Dinner Table on the big day. Buy it here.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Sleekster | £22.50

Year in, year out in our hundreds we purchase popular branded boxes of individually wrapped chocolates. I find these boxes of chocolates okay, but incredibly mainstream, which is why I much prefer having a more refined and sophisticated box of chocolates. Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Sleekster is the perfect box of chocolates to feast on with family and friends over the festive season. Full to the brim with 30 divine chocolates in the most gorgeous flavours imaginable, from festive mulled wine to delectable cinnamon bun and wafer praline to simple milk, there really is a flavour combination for everybody in your family (of every age too!). Whether fruity is your thing, alcohol or ever plain - you're guaranteed to love something from this marvellous selection. My personal favourite would have to be the Clementine Baby Bombe as I think it's refreshing, small enough to feel as though you haven't over-indulged and the perfect fruit to chocolate ratio. Buy it here.

Choc on Choc Chocolate Brussel Sprouts | £9.99

Add a splash of festive fun to the dinner table this Christmas with Choc on Choc's White Chocolate Brussel Sprouts. Beautifully presented and incredibly life-like, these amazing pieces of art really are an illusion in themselves. If you're not a lover of the tiny cabbage shaped vegetable, then this little treat is perfect for you! Beautifully handcrafted and wonderfully decorated, these incredibly real-looking sprouts would fool any Brussel Sprout lover. Gorgeous white chocolate that tastes like heaven, you won't be disappointed! You'll be begging to eat your greens this Christmas. Buy them here.

Marks & Spencer's Butter Panatone | £4.00

Pantatone's are incredibly festive and super yummy, (if you haven't tried one yet, you need to! They are seriously delicious). This Panatone consists of an all butter dough crammed full of sultanas and candied orange peel. Rich, fruity and incredibly buttery, this beautiful Italian Christmas Bread would make the perfect Christmas treat, especially for Breakfast on Christmas morning with a flute of bucks fizz!

Marks & Spencer's Luxury Mince Pies | £6.00

Mince Pies are a Christmas tradition that we all adore and although I love a good 'ole traditional mince pie, these fancy ones are hard to say no to. Gorgeously rich mince meat paired with some beautiful accompaniments. Within this perfectly presented package there's 4 Ultimate Mince Pies; 4 Hazelnut Topped Mince Pies and 4 Brandy Buttercream and Pecan Mince Pies. These mice pies are the perfect size - not too big, nor too small and the pastry is perfectly crisp and buttery.

Marks & Spencer's Paw Print Biscuits | £1.50

These gorgeous all butter chocolate and vanilla flavoured biscuits are super cute and extra tasty. Buttery, creamy and super luxurious, these fun little paw print biscuits from M&S are perfect to munch on over the festive period. Great for kids and adults alike, these yummy little treats are affordable pieces of luxury. These biscuits would be great dipped in a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and are SO perfect to leave out for Santa 😉!!

Christmas is such a splendid time of the year; the feeling in the air, the atmosphere, the joyful glow on peoples faces, the gifts, the food and of course family and friends. This gorgeous selection of tasty festive treats are sure to complete your Christmas in the most perfect way possible. The three brands featured: Hotel Chocolat, Choc on Choc and Marks and Spencer's, really are opulent food brands all through the year and especially at Christmas.

What will you be buying from the above to ensure your Christmas is spectacularly delicious?


  1. That yule log looks incredible and I'm practically dribbling reading through this post!

    1. It looks amazing!! You need to get it haha! - Mollie xxx

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  3. Ok, those chocolate brussel sprouts might be the cutest things I've ever seen!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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