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Friday 8 July 2016

Looking presentable and smart is always a massive thing for me. I like to ensure my hair, makeup and clothing are all presentable and look good enough to face the day ahead. Having my hair groomed and tangle free means I can look and feel smart and ready for the world to see me. I recently discovered an incredible brush brand that caters for both me AND even Carnaby, my cat! Keep reading to discover Tangle Angel..

I have gone through many hair 'phases' in my 18 years on this earth. Phases where I would straighten my hair twice per day, phases where I wouldn't even brush my hair and phases where I would use rollers each and every night, but in recent months I have been brushing and straightening my hair each morning. I feel this hairstyle suits me and my everyday life a lot more. Having a 'go to' hairstyle means that you need the right tools and equipment. Having a decent hair brush is very important, I believe a decent hair brush is the key to decent hair. I have tried various hair brushes prior to trying the Tangle Angel Xtreme* and it's safe to say that none of them come close to this incredible hair tool.

The Tangle Angel Xtreme is a massive paddle like brush, it's a nice flat head with massive long bristles that brush your hair thoroughly and effectively. Not only can you use this incredible brush on your own head of hair, but it's also suitable to be used on Hair Extensions and Wigs. The Tangle Angel Xtreme is waterproof and heat resistant too - it really is a multi-tasker, huh? I love this brush as it's got many elements to it which means I don't need a shower comb, heat resistant brush, hair extension brush or regular brush  - this brush does everything and caters to my every need. Not only does it do everything in my wildest hair brush dreams but it's absolutely fricking BEAUTIFUL. It's so gorgeous and I've honestly never seen a brush like it. Tangle Angel don't only make this super sized brush, they also stock a wide range of sizes, namely their Classic Tangle Angel, their Tangle Cherub, their Tangle Baby and Shine Angel too. I'm absolutely besotted with the Tangle Angel Xtreme and would love to try more Tangle Angel brushes in the future as they are so much better than some of the other detangling hair brushes on the current hair and beauty market.

Not only do Tangle Angel design and make brushes for Humans, they also design and make pet brushes too, which is great news for any pet owner, including me! My 10 month old kitten, Carnaby, is short haired indoor cat, who adores being groomed and preened, so when I saw that Tangle Angel also have a Pet Angel* I fell in love almost instantly! I chose Carnaby a gorgeous pearlescent pink Pet Angel, which suits his personality perfectly. Like the Tangle Angel Xtreme, the bristles on the Pet Angel are very depthy and long, which means this grooming tool is perfect if you have a long-haired pet such as a Ragdoll Cat or Havanese Dog, but this brush is also perfect for short-haired cats like Carnaby! This brush ensures Carnaby's coat is shiny, soft, detangled and smooth. When Carnaby is being brushed, he feels SO relaxed he purrs super loudly and then he'll fall to sleep so fast. He adores being brushed with his Pet Angel so so much!

Overall, the Tangle Angel brand is an incredible brand that has a wide variety of hair grooming products for both humans and their pets. The Tangle Angel was created by Richard Ward, Royal and Celeb hairdresser and I honestly cannot thank him enough for bringing all of my wildest hair dreams to life (and Carnaby's fur dreams too!). I honestly can't recommend The Tangle Angel Xtreme and The Pet Angel enough - two incredible products that have left myself and Carnaby wanting more!


  1. These sound and look incredible! Lovely review. I use tangle teezers and these are amazing too.
    Amy xx

    1. They are incredible, I absolutely adore them and so does Carnaby! :D

      Thank you so much for reading Amy xoxo

  2. Thank you for the review! Definitely worth a try - I'd like to start taking better care of my hair!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! :) I totally recommend this brush! :D xxx


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