The 4 most incredible blogs for fashion lovers

Sunday 10 April 2016

I remember when I first started this blog, back in 2013, I was OBSESSED with fashion bloggers and still am to this day. They're so admirable, brilliant role models and so enviable too. It was always my dream to be one of those bloggers. These four blogs featured in this post, are four blogs that I have LOVED and ADORED since my humble beginnings as a budding blogger.


Victoria is such an inspiration. She has built up an empire to be proud of. Victoria was one of the first blogs I ever read and I haven't stopped since. Her blog revolves mainly around Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle too. Victoria isn't just a pretty face though, she also has a Fashion PhD, which she worked incredibly hard to get. Victoria has been very fortunate with her blogging success, she gets to attend some of the most amazing events, fashion showcases and shoots too. She is the perfect role model for any young girl who dreams big and has aspirations of becoming a classy young woman with high motivation and a passion for fashion.

Helen Anderz

Helen is a blogger that I adore and look up to ever such a lot. Like Victoria, she has a YouTube Channel too, which is incredibly successful. Helen started her web influencing career a few years ago when she uploaded a few hair dying tutorials and thought absolutely nothing of them. Much to Helen's surprise she was catapulted into the crazy world of blogging and vlogging. Like many other bloggers, Helen's blog revolves mainly around Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle too. Helen is a very relatable person, she is bubbly, down to earth and has a very relaxed presence, both in the way she comes across on camera and the way she writes too. Helen promotes many things that are aspirational such as loving yourself, being yourself and not caring what others think. 

Things I do, think and buy...

Charlotte Fisher was THE first fashion blogger that inspired me to start both blogging and YouTubing. Charlotte's blog mainly revolves around fashion posts which document what she wears. She also dabbles in beauty, fitness, hair and life. Charlotte has become highly commended with many brands, companies and other bloggers too. She is an incredible blogger and the perfect role model for any girl who adores fashion. She has built up many professional relationships with brands such as La Moda, Olivia Burton and Grafea.


If you're looking for class and elegance, Arabella Golby's blog is for you. Arabella's blog oozes with elegance and femininity. Her sense of style is timeless, beautiful and everything a girl could dream for. Arabella always pulls out all of the stops for London Fashion Week to deliver the most gorgeous and classy outfit imaginable. Her statement necklace collection is enviable, as is her gorgeous Chanel handbag. Arabella is a fabulous role model for young girls as she is classy and has a fabulous fashion sense.

These four bloggers are my all time favourite fashion bloggers out there. They are all incredibly inspirational and I adore them and their blogs ever such a lot. I'm an avid reader of all of them and have been since before I started blogging. I hope to one day have a tiny piece of the success in which they have. 

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