STYLE ICON: Taylor Swift

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Taylor Swift is an ultimate style icon of mine. Why? Keep reading to find out...
Taylor Swift, the biggest pop-star in the world, right!? I have absolutely adored her since her Number One hit - Love Story, I can remember I was around 11 and I fell in love with the song and also her. Since around 2012, I've been even more obsessed with her. When her album RED came out, I fell in love with her sense of style and since that day, her style has been a huge inspiration to me.

Vintage dresses, blouses, skirts and jackets - Swift's wardrobe is definitely my aspiration. Her outfit featured in her music video 'Begin Again' is one of my favourites; a blue pussy bow blouse teamed with a cream, blue and green floral midi skirt and red lips - my idea of perfection! There's something about Taylor's composure and grace that is endearing to me and many others. I love her classy trait and how she carries herself.

Taylor's style is very much like some of her music - romantic, ditzy, classy and vintage. I describe her style and songs in this way as her songs mainly boast of a romantic genre. Through her songs, she sounds like an old soul and sometimes she dresses in this manner too.

Taylor's style can go from classic and vintage to sexy and sassy. She can pull off absolutely anything and this is what I adore about her. Her figure is to die for and I am super jealous!! From her Victoria's Secret fashion show outfits to her Begin Again music video outfits, she can pull anything off and look equally as gorgeous!

I also adore the fact that she consistently wears her signature red lip, it kind of inspired me to get into lipstick a couple of years ago and ever since, red is practically my signature lip too!

Who is your celeb style icon? Comment below and I might just choose to include them in my new weekly feature!


  1. Taylor Swift is a class act, and she continues to win even though others try to discredit her. Kudos to her legal team for being able to win the lawsuit that had no merit. She has set a good example for other artist to follow.

  2. Taylor is one of my style icons too - she always looks classically beautiful. I have too many to name! Christina x

    Christina Campbell Hughes


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