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Monday 13 April 2015

Highly pigmented glossy and matte lipsticks for just £1?...

From oranges to pinks to purples, Makeup Revolutions £1 lipsticks are a must have for any beauty lover. Not only are they a bargain but the quality is amazing.

I have wanted to purchase a purple lipstick since forever and finally I have found my perfect match. I had my eyes and heart set on Limecrime's 'Airbourne Unicorn' which is a gorgeous lilac that's highly pigmented and super sassy but after the whole Limecrime saga which was all over Instagram I decided against the idea. So when I saw this amazing purple-y lilac I just had to get it! Not only does it make my lips feel smooth and silky, but it stays on for a good amount of time too. As soon as I got home I applied 'Depraved' and since then I haven't taken it off. I am obsessed.

My second favourite colour from this Lipstick haul would be '100% Vamp'. It looks like a dark brown lipstick but it's actually a brownish purple and looks so sassy and 'vampy' when applied. It'll look amazing with any outfit and is perfect for when you feel grungy. I will probably wear this to 5SOS's ROWYSO tour in June as it's fitting for the music genre.

 From Left to Right: Vice, Luscious, Beloved, Flashing, Encore, Enchant, Crime, Depraved, 100% Vamp

The two orangey colours are quite similar 'Vice' and 'Luscious', they look almost the same once applied to your lips apart from 'Vice' is slightly darker and more orangey whereas the other 'Luscious' is more of a coral-y peach. Both of these shades are perfect for SS15 and will take you right through to Autumn too.

The metallic peal-esque pink-y colour 'Encore' is a very natural lip colour. Perfect for when you want to wear makeup but not daring enough for a full on bold lip.

'Beloved' is a matte shade. Slightly harder to glide over your lips but super pretty and perfect for SS15! I should imagine that this stays on longer as it's harder to apply.

'Enchant' is also a shade of lilac. Lighter than 'Depraved' but equally as pretty. This shade would suit girls who aren't familiar with bold lip colours but want to experiment with a slightly different lip colour.

'Crime' is almost a bright fuchsia but has hints of purple too! Perfect teamed with any outfit as it adds a pinktastic pop of, well, pink! Super glossy but not sticky either!

'Flashing' is almost a slightly more light yet pigmented shade of 'Crime', beautiful for when you're feeling less brash. Looks fabulous with any pastel-y outfit and looks amazing with pink blush and a subtle smokey eye!

To conclude, I highly recommend Makeup Revolution's £1 Lipsticks. These lipsticks should have cost me £9 but as Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 promotion on I purchased all nine for a tiny £6! How amazing is that?

Makeup Revolution is available from all good Superdrug stores, online from Superdrug or Makeup Revolution's Official online store.


  1. So many gorgeous shades, such a variety! I definitely need to get on the Makeup Revolution hype and pick some up, especially if it's a 3 for 2 deal! You're so lucky to be going to 5SOS's concert, hope you enjoy! P.S - maybe a GRWM/OOTN for their concert? :) x

    Jasmine ||

    1. Aren't they just beautiful!!! Thank you so much Jasmine! And yes, I am planning on vlogging my whole experience + GRWM and OOTN! Eeeek! xxx

  2. These look so nice, I need to try these! xo

    Sarah Louise Porter Blog

  3. Have never tried products from this brand but they look amazing! Love the vibrancy of these colours
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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