Monday 14 July 2014

So, basically I've been the worst blogger ever lately. I've been busy fangirling over boybands, shopping and buying concert tickets. I am the biggest fangirl ever and boybands make me so so so happy. So anyway, I better stop swooning over boys and actually talk about fashion.

I went to London a couple of weeks ago and purchased a few outfits and of course my one and only baby... my Louis Vuitton Speedy! This gorgeous dress is from Monki in Carnaby Street (which is one of my favourite shops... ever!) it was only £20, what a bargain!!! It's very, very, very oversized and can make you look a bit bigger than you really are depending on how you wear it but it is perfect for hot summer days as it's cool and loose fitted. I wear this dress with cycling shorts underneath so if it blows up or if I stretch up, my knickers aren't forced to be displayed! Haha!

Today I wore this wonderful dress with my new Michael Kors watch (I will do a blog post v.v.v. soon!), My Louis Vuitton and some white chunky shoes/sandals that I picked up in the River Island sale.

Sorry I haven't been a very active blogger lately! I promise I'll up my game! haha!

Are you a fangirl for films/boybands/books?


  1. Love your outfit !!

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  2. LOVE those shoes!!

    XoXo Shea L. ----->

  3. Love that bag- very jealous right now! The dress looks lovely as well x


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