www.theperksofmolliequirk.blogspot.com is a 100% honest and objective blog.

I occasionally get gifted items such as clothing and beauty, but this never affects my views or opinions.

In light of the new laws surrounding disclosing gifting items, I shall be labelling my content differently so that it complies with the ASA/CMA's new laws and guidelines.

As of January 23rd 2019, my content will be labelled as follows:

If I am gifted an item I will state it at the beginning of the content. On Instagram my caption will start with [ad-gifted] if I have been gifted something that I am referring to in the photograph.

On my blog the first line will state what was gifted to me and who gifted it to me.

I will also let you know if I have worked with a brand in the last twelve months when talking about something I have personally bought myself.

FYI: I DO NOT accept money in return for content, paid partnerships, or advertorials. I never use affiliate links to earn commission. Sometimes I do use links that track the sales of the items, purely because the brand has asked me to do so – but I never earn commission from this. The gifted item is always more than enough for me, and due to my blog being a hobby and me being a full-time student, I don't feel the need to make money from my blog.

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