Friday 28 August 2020

[Contains gifted underwear]

When I post photos of myself in underwear, it's not for the sexual gratification of men. If that's what a woman wants to do and achieve, I have no issue with that – in fact, I cheer on my friends who start OnlyFans accounts. But for me, posting photos in my underwear or posting a sexy photo isn't for somebody else's benefit. Being sexy can be for your own benefit. There are so many benefits to feeling sexy – especially when it's not just for somebody else's gratification. 

When I post photos of me in my underwear, they're not so men can get off. My photos are purely to empower other women. My photos are making a stand against the beauty ideals that society projects on us. My photos exist to promote self love. The photos I take and post are to remind every woman out there that they are worthy and beautiful and sexy – no matter what their shape, size, sexuality or age. 

Some girls choose to post photos of themselves in underwear online in order to make money. I respect them and what they do SO much. I wish I had the guts to do it. But I'm happy just helping other women accept themselves, while I'm still on my own journey to self acceptance and self love.
I post the photos I post purely to empower women ( as well as to empower myself). If men lust over the images – that's not in my control. But I'm not posting the images for the sexual gratification of men – I'm posting them for the empowerment of fat women. 


Wearing gifted lingerie from Pour Moi in the first photo, and gifted lingerie from Figleaves in the other photos.

Putting on some pretty lingerie or some comfy knickers and taking photographs is a cathartic experience. It helps me to love myself – it reminds me that my body is beautiful and worthy. Taking these kinds of photos reinforces the work I've put into loving my body. Taking these kinds of photos enables me to see my body in a different light. These photos help me on my journey to self acceptance and self love.

If you want to throw on some pretty knickers and take some pictures, there's literally NOTHING stopping you. Do it for YOU, not for him, not for her.. do it for YOU! Whether you take them and never show them to anybody, put them on an OnlyFans account or take them and plaster them across your social media channels – do whatever empowers you the most.

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